Bodymoor Blog: Hutton on new signings and sticking together
Alan Hutton on the training ground vibe.
4th Feb 2015
Bodymoor Blog: Hutton on new signings and sticking together

No-one likes getting beaten. It's horrible to lose any match but to go down 5-0 at Arsenal was a really bad feeling.

We were very disappointed. But now it's about concentrating on Chelsea. We need total focus on that game.

We're hurting after the loss at Emirates Stadium and it's about channelling that in the right direction.

The key for me is not dwelling on defeat for too long. I don't think that gets you anywhere. You don't want it to affect the next game.

We've looked at the match, discussed it, had time to think about it but now it's on to the challenge of Chelsea.

It's vital that we all stick together - staff, players and fans. It's huge. It's massive in my eyes.

I have always said it's a good bunch here. There are top lads in that dressing room who care a great deal about doing well for this football club. It's just at present the results aren't going our way.

But we're working very hard to get back on track. We are determined to show what we can do.

We're determined to turn things around on the pitch and pick up some good results. I know things will change.

Everyone goes through difficult spells. But we're thinking positively about the rest of the season.

We want to repay our fans with performances and results. That's our focus. That's what we're striving for.



On to the transfer window that's just closed.

We have brought in two talented players as well as keeping one of our star names.

Scott Sinclair has come in. He's the latest recruit.

I have always thought he was a good player. When I first heard we were interested in him, I was really excited about it because I know his qualities as a forward. I knew it would be a good signing.

I played against him when he was at Swansea - I remember it being a really tough game for myself.

He has showed a touch of class since he's been here. He is very sharp. You can see how good he is technically. He is excellent with the ball at his feet.

Over the coming weeks, we will see the very best of him.

He has all the attributes - he has pace, he is strong, he is good with his feet. He will be a top signing.

He's a really nice lad too, very down-to-earth. He fits in with the boys here. He has got on with everyone since the word go.



Carles Gil came in earlier in the window. He is a typical Spanish player - wonderful technically. He has showed that in his short time here already - whether that's in games or in training.

He's not scared to take the ball in tight situations and run with it.

It's definitely something we needed - that spark, that creative spark that comes with his play.

I am confident he will get better and better for us.

When he first arrived he hardly knew a word of English but he's really improved in the short space of time he's been here.

To have that language barrier initially but still be able to come in and contribute on the pitch shows his undoubted quality.

When he grows into our culture and our language, he will only get better.



And let's not forget about Fabian Delph signing a new deal.

That really is a massive plus.

Everyone knows what Fabian is all about and what he brings to the table. He's top quality.

To have him sign a new deal is a fantastic piece of business for the football club.

I know it caused a buzz with the fans and it was totally the same with the players in the dressing room.

You don't want to lose any of your best players so for Fabian to come out and say he's committing his future to the club feels great for us.

It was a massive boost for everyone involved here.

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