Bodymoor Blog: Cole on youth, upcoming games and his senior role
Joe Cole gives his views.
27th Mar 2015
Bodymoor Blog: Cole on youth, upcoming games and his senior role

It's fair to say the lads were low after the Swansea game.

It's difficult when you lose a game in that fashion under any circumstances.

When you've got two weeks to wait until the next game it's tough.

We've picked ourselves up and training has been bright this week for the lads that are here.

We've got a big week when everyone comes back so it's an opportunity to take a bit of rest and refresh the body.

This time of the year is a bit strange with some players going away and the rest of the lads here.

For me personally, the international break is a good opportunity to build up some fitness and make myself available for the Man United game.

This is the business end of the season and with my experience I would like to make an impact.

There are exciting things on the horizon for the club.

It's a good opportunity to work with the younger players, train with them and try and pass on some knowledge as well.

We're obviously disappointed but we've got a massive game against Man United and a chance to put it right.


I've been really impressed with the gaffer since he's come in.

I love the fact that he's moved the U21s to train on the pitch next to us.

It's what I've been used to and how I got my chance at West Ham when I was 17.

You're there training and one of the senior players gets a knock and has to pull out of training and you get called over and are thrown in.

In my case, someone got injured, I got called over, trained well, was on the bench for the next game - an FA Cup tie against Swansea, played well and never looked back.

It's a great idea that the manager's brought in.

It's an old method that's gone out of the game and got a little lost but it's been brought back here.

That's what these youngsters need to know.

Cole West Ham 640

It is that close for them.

Every day and every minute is valuable.

It's their opportunity to impress.

We recently played an eleven a side with a mixture of senior and academy players on both sides.

The game was really sharp. It's great. I like doing it.

The young players are all hungry.

They want to train well and impress.

Two or three always stand out and you think to yourself 'he's got a chance'.

You might have a little chat with them and say I think you do this well or maybe you could do this a bit differently.

As you get older, it's role you have to accept at a football club and it's good that you get these opportunities to mix with the U21s and the U18s.


That brings me nicely on to Rushian Hepburn-Murphy.

I was made up for him when he made his debut at the tender age of 16 up at Sunderland.

He trains really well and looks really sharp.

He's definitely one for the future. He's got a chance.

He picks things up really well.

Going into the training game we had between us, I had a little chat with him about his movement and bang, in the second half he's doing it and for me that's the biggest thing you look for in a young player - the ability to learn.


He seems like a clever footballer with some good physical attributes and he's got a chance.

It's an important stage for him right now.

He's made his debut but he needs to continue his development.

All the youngsters that have been drafted into the first team squad have done well.

Being in closer proximity of the training, it seems closer and it is closer.

They realise they've got a big opportunity that any young man in the world would want and they need to grab it with both hands.


We have some big games coming up and they are matches the lads must relish.

There's nothing to be scared of.

They're just games of football.

We shouldn't be fearful of going to Man Utd or playing at home in a big game, we should look forward to the challenge.

I always say to the boys just go and play, try your best and that's all we can do.

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