Your questions answered: December 2009
Club responds after fan consultation discussion.
21st Jul 2010
Your questions answered: December 2009

Question One: Will there be a ST price increase and would it be possible to spreads the cost over six months?

The club is currently finalising season ticket prices for the forthcoming season and will be communicating prices and on sale dates later this month. The easy payment scheme will be available again this season to enable fans to spread the cost of their season ticket. Fans will be able to spread the cost of their season ticket over four months. Terms and Conditions apply and will be communicated later this month.

Nicola Keye - Head of Consumer Sales

Question Two: Will supporters be consulted on plans to redevelop the ground and particularly about transport problems in travelling to Villa? Are there currently any plans for North Stand development?

With regards to consultation, the answer is yes and any consultation will include transport elements, as they will be a necessary part of the planning application process. We will consult with fans on any major redevelopment of the stadium. We are currently continuing to engage in a conceptual process with architects to understand the possibilities of what we can achieve at the North Stand end of the stadium and once we reach a position when we have information to share we will do so.

Paul Faulkner - Chief Operating Officer

Question Three: Can the Villa Special Buses be extended to cover other areas like Sutton Coldfield?

We would love the opportunity to extend the services to more areas, particularly those where our database shows we have large numbers of supporters. Unfortunately, the present services could not run without subsidy from the club. At this time, we are not in a position to increase the level of subsidy to add more services. This does not mean that an increase in the number of services / locations may not be possible in the future, and if possible, Sutton Coldfield is a location through which a route would be considered.

Lee Preece - Football Operations / Projects Manager

Question Four: Can you consider including an additional fee onto the ST cost for season long access to the pre-match suites and thereby removing the £400 entry fee match by match?

We will continue as it is for the remainder of this season, but it is something we will look at before the next season.

Alison Plant - Head of Hospitality & Events

Question Five: Could we have more Xbox games around the stadium?

We are always exploring different ways of making the matchday experience an enjoyable time for our fans, alongside Xboxes placed around the stadium we also hold family fun day events across the season to help make matchdays a more pleasurable experience.

Russell Jones - Head of Marketing

Question Six: Why do people who travelled to Portsmouth not get an early allocation but people who travelled to Sunderland do?

Two days before we played Sunderland we had only sold 600 tickets for the away game. The club wanted to ensure the team was as well supported as possible at the game and offered complimentary travel and pledged to treat all supporters going to the game as a priority in the League Cup competition.

Nicola Keye - Head of Consumer Sales

Question Seven: Can we increase the welcome we give to soldiers?

Our support to the armed forces is extensive and includes reduced match ticket prices, supplying kit and equipment to HMS Daring and considerable donations to Help the Heroes. We also work extremely closely with the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine at Selly Oak Hospital and the players and manager have been particularly supportive in building this close relationship. The officers at the hospital have asked that we keep the PR for this work to a minimum hence many fans will not be aware.

Duncan Riddle - Head of Community

Question Eight: There are not enough toilet facilities for ladies, are there any plans to increase the facilities?

We work to the recommendations of our green guide, with the ratio of men to women being 80/20 (%). We always try to accommodate the needs of all our visitors. Unfortunately there are no current plans to build any more facilities as there is no space available around the stadium.

Tony Diffley - Stadium Manager

Question Nine: Why are paper tickets issued for cup games?

We have been asked by the competition sponsors to issue paper tickets.

Nicola Keye - Head of Consumer Sales

Question Ten: Why is it that the club crest cannot be used by Lions clubs when they are affiliated to the club?

The crest is Aston Villa's official mark and is used to confirm that a source of information, a service or a product is from the club. Whilst recognised and hugely valued by the Club, our network of Lions Clubs remain independent. They all have differing structures, communication channels and membership fees. To recognise their fantastic work and help brand the network of 110 clubs, which stretch Sutton Coldfield to Peru, we created a specific Lions Club logo in 2008.

Russell Jones - Head of Marketing

Question Eleven: Can the official website include a section containing the history of the club, biographies of former players and managers?

The simple answer is yes. The club is undergoing an entire review of and the history section will be part of that review. We welcome input from fans and will be requesting ideas and feedback via our Voice in the Crowd platform.

Russell Jones - Head of Marketing

Question Twelve: Can you consider turnstile access to both sides of the North Stand?

With the present facilities we are unable to provide turnstile access both sides. However, any new development of the stadium (see question 4) will allow us to improve access as well as other facilities.

Lee Preece - Football Operations / Projects Manager

Question Thirteen: Will the club allow the distribution of ashes?

Regrettably, the club is no longer in a position to accept requests for the scattering of ashes. We no longer have areas of Villa Park that are suitable for ashes to remain, and we would not want to scatter ashes in locations that would not be fitting or appropriate. However, we will shortly be publishing a document on our website detailing what we will be available to provide to supporters "In Memoriam".

Lee Preece - Football Operations / Projects Manager

Question Fourteen: Can Aston Villa promote abroad to increase shirt sales and revenue?

Aston Villa's focus first and foremost is building its local supporter base. Nearly 1.8 million people reside within Greater Birmingham! Just a small increase in penetration locally could result in a full Villa Park every week. A full Villa Park would enable us to activate stadium expansion plans and drive membership programmes which would have a positive effect on both shirt sales and revenue. This doesn't mean to say that Aston Villa aren't looking to increase our international fan base. Our supporter club network is growing every day. We now have 110 official supporters clubs around the world - from Peru to Australia. The exposure of the Premier League around the world will be a huge help. Last year the Premier League had a cumulative TV audience of 2.7 billion people, including 900 million in Asia and our 1-3 win against Liverpool, earlier in the season, was the most viewed Premier League game ever in North America.

Russell Jones - Head of Marketing

Question Fifteen: Raise the profile of our CSR activities as they are not publicised enough.

We have been working hard for the past couple of seasons to increase the publicity for our CSR work. Our groundbreaking partnership with Acorns got both national & international coverage and this season alone we have had articles in the Sunday Times & Daily Express and also features on Sky and Premier League world.

Duncan Riddle - Head of Community



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